Laminate floor installations

The demand for laminate flooring is increasing very fast. Laminate floors provide a gorgeous look cost-effectively. Apart from domestic houses, the demand is growing in commercial buildings also. The business demands adequate networking skills and small capital investment.

Laminate floors is type of decoration which provide good look. Its demand is increased today. As entrepreneur it is a great business to think about, it demands small capital to start. It requires to market to have adequate networking it and to have skills to perform it.

Executive Summary:

Our business, “LaminArt”, is a laminate flooring installation company that provides high-quality and affordable flooring solutions to residential and commercial clients. We specialize in the installation of laminate flooring, which is a durable and low-maintenance alternative to traditional hardwood flooring. Our team of experienced flooring professionals is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring that every project is completed to the highest standard.

Market Analysis:

The flooring industry in Africa is a $10 billion market that continues to grow steadily. Laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular due to its durability, affordability, and easy maintenance. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in demand for home improvement projects, including flooring installations. Our target market includes homeowners, landlords, property managers, and business owners in the local area.

Marketing and Sales Strategy:

To reach our target market, we will utilize a variety of marketing and sales strategies, including:

  1. Local Advertising: We will advertise in local newspapers, magazines, and on local radio stations.
  2. Social Media: We will create and maintain a strong social media presence to engage with potential customers and showcase our work.
  3. Referral Program: We will offer a referral program to encourage our satisfied customers to refer their friends and family to us.
  4. In-Person Networking: We will attend local events, such as home shows and networking events, to meet potential customers and establish relationships with other professionals in the industry.


LaminArt offers a range of services related to laminate flooring installation, including:

  1. Consultation: We provide a free consultation to discuss the customer’s needs and preferences and recommend the best laminate flooring options.
  2. Installation: Our experienced flooring professionals will install the laminate flooring efficiently and accurately.
  3. Repair and Maintenance: We offer repair and maintenance services to ensure that the laminate flooring continues to look and function at its best.


LaminArt will operate from a centrally located warehouse, which will serve as a base for our team of flooring professionals. Our team will be responsible for measuring the space, ordering the necessary materials, and installing the laminate flooring.

Financial Plan:

Our startup costs include the purchase of tools and equipment, leasing a warehouse, and hiring a team of experienced flooring professionals. Our projected revenue is based on a per-square-foot pricing model, which varies depending on the complexity of the installation and the materials used. Our revenue projections are as follows:

Year 1: $500,000

Year 2: $1,000,000

Year 3: $1,500,000


LaminArt is a promising business that is poised to capitalize on the growing demand for laminate flooring installation services. With a dedicated team of experienced flooring professionals, a strong marketing and sales strategy, and a focus on exceptional customer service, LaminArt is well-positioned to become a leader in the local flooring industry.

here is a projected income statement for LaminArt for the first three years of operations:

Income Statement (Projected)Year 1Year 2Year 3
Cost of Goods Sold$250,000$500,000$750,000
Gross Profit$250,000$500,000$750,000
Operating Expenses$150,000$300,000$450,000
Marketing and Advertising$50,000$75,000$100,000
Rent and Utilities$25,000$50,000$75,000
Salaries and Wages$75,000$150,000$225,000
Operating Income$100,000$200,000$300,000
Interest Expense$5,000$10,000$15,000
Net Income Before Taxes$95,000$190,000$285,000
Income Taxes$28,500$57,000$85,500
Net Income$66,500$133,000$199,500

Note: The figures in the above income statement are projected and hypothetical. Actual results may vary depending on various factors, such as market conditions, competition, and internal operations of the business.

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