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Our company, named “AfriAngel Investments,” is an innovative and socially responsible angel investment firm focused on investing in high-potential startups and small businesses in Africa. Our goal is to provide capital, mentorship, and networking opportunities to talented entrepreneurs, helping them turn their visions into reality while creating a positive impact in their communities.

Market Analysis:

The African continent is home to over 1.3 billion people, with a growing middle class and a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. Despite the challenges of accessing funding, African startups have proven to be resilient and innovative, creating disruptive solutions in sectors such as fintech, agri-tech, healthcare, and energy. AfriAngel Investments aims to tap into this potential, identifying and supporting the next generation of African leaders.

Product/Service Offering:

AfriAngel Investments will provide early-stage funding to startups and small businesses that have a strong potential for growth and impact. We will invest in equity, taking an active role in the company’s development by providing mentorship, strategic advice, and access to our network of experts and partners. Additionally, we will organize events and workshops to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among our portfolio companies.

Marketing and Sales Strategy:

We will focus on building a strong brand and reputation in the African startup ecosystem, attending conferences, and events and building relationships with key players such as incubators, accelerators, and universities. Our team will leverage social media and digital marketing tools to reach out to entrepreneurs, and we will also work with local networks and associations to identify promising startups. Our sales strategy will be based on a selective and rigorous process of due diligence, ensuring that we invest in companies that align with our values and have a clear path to success.

Financial Projections:

Our target is to raise a total of $10 million in capital over the next three years, with an initial round of $2 million in the first year. We expect to invest in 20-30 startups and small businesses, with an average investment size of $250,000. Our revenue model will be based on equity ownership in our portfolio companies, with the goal of generating returns for our investors through successful exits or IPOs. We anticipate a 20% internal rate of return (IRR) over a 7-10 year investment horizon.

Team and Operations:

Our team will be composed of experienced and diverse professionals, including investment analysts, business development managers, and social impact specialists. We will establish a physical presence in major African cities such as Lagos, Nairobi, and Cape Town, and leverage digital tools and platforms to streamline our operations and communication with portfolio companies.


AfriAngel Investments is an innovative and socially responsible angel investment firm that aims to tap into the potential of the African startup ecosystem, providing funding and support to talented entrepreneurs while creating a positive impact in their communities. Our vision is to become a leading player in the African investment landscape, generating returns for our investors while contributing to the development of the continent.

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