Public speaking instruction business


African Orators Academy is a public speaking instruction business that seeks to empower individuals and organizations in Africa with the necessary skills to become effective and confident communicators. Our academy offers a variety of courses and workshops designed to enhance public speaking, presentation, and communication skills for individuals, professionals, and businesses across the African continent.

Our business aims to become the leading public speaking instruction business in Africa by providing high-quality training, affordable prices, and flexible learning options to our clients. Our team of experienced instructors will use interactive, engaging, and practical teaching methods to ensure that our clients not only develop the skills but also gain the confidence to communicate effectively in any situation.

Market Analysis:

Africa is a continent with a rich cultural heritage, diverse languages, and a booming economy. Public speaking and communication skills are vital for individuals and businesses to succeed in this competitive landscape. However, most people in Africa lack the necessary skills and confidence to communicate effectively. This presents a significant opportunity for African Orators Academy to fill this gap by providing high-quality public speaking instruction.

Our target market includes individuals who want to improve their public speaking skills, professionals who need to communicate effectively in their jobs, and businesses that want to enhance the communication skills of their employees. We will also target universities and schools to offer training programs to students.

Marketing Strategy:

Our marketing strategy will involve a mix of traditional and digital marketing methods. We will leverage social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to reach a wider audience. We will also use email marketing campaigns to target potential clients and promote our courses.

To increase our visibility, we will attend public events and conferences, where we can showcase our expertise in public speaking and offer mini-workshops. We will also collaborate with other businesses and organizations to offer joint training programs that can benefit both parties.

Revenue Streams:

Our revenue streams will come from various sources, including individual course fees, corporate training programs, and sponsorship from organizations that want to partner with us. We will offer a variety of training programs, including public speaking, presentation skills, and communication skills, and charge fees according to the duration and complexity of each program.


We will offer both online and offline training programs to our clients. Our team of experienced instructors will design and develop training materials, including presentations, handouts, and videos. We will leverage technology, such as webinars, to deliver online courses to clients in remote areas.

To ensure the quality of our courses, we will monitor the progress of our clients and gather feedback to improve our training programs continually.

Financial Projections:

We expect to generate revenue of $500,000 in our first year of operation, with a profit margin of 30%. As we expand our operations and offer more courses, we anticipate generating revenue of $1.5 million in our second year of operation, with a profit margin of 35%.


African Orators Academy is poised to become the leading public speaking instruction business in Africa. We will leverage our team of experienced instructors, affordable prices, and flexible learning options to provide high-quality training to individuals and organizations across the continent. With a booming economy and a growing need for effective communication skills, African Orators Academy is an excellent business opportunity for investors looking to make an impact in Africa.

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