Business Plan: Start Your Own Resume Writing Business in Africa


This business plan outlines the strategy for starting a resume writing business in Africa. The company will offer professional resume writing services to job seekers, students, and individuals seeking career advancement. The business will leverage innovative technologies and a skilled team of writers to provide high-quality resumes and cover letters that help job seekers land their dream jobs. The plan outlines the market opportunity, business model, marketing strategy, financial projections, and management structure for the business.

Market Opportunity:

The African job market is highly competitive, and employers receive numerous resumes for each job opening. Many job seekers struggle to craft resumes that showcase their skills, experience, and qualifications effectively. As a result, they fail to make it to the interview stage and miss out on job opportunities. This presents a significant opportunity for a professional resume writing service in Africa. The market for resume writing services in Africa is growing as more job seekers realize the importance of having a well-crafted resume and cover letter.

Business Model:

The business will operate as a service-based company, offering professional resume writing services to individuals and companies. The services will include resume writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, and interview coaching. The company will operate as a virtual business, with all services provided online. Clients will be able to access services through the company’s website or mobile app. The company will leverage innovative technologies to provide fast, efficient, and high-quality services.

Marketing Strategy:

The marketing strategy will focus on creating brand awareness, building credibility, and generating leads. The company will use a combination of digital marketing channels, such as social media advertising, search engine optimization, and email marketing. The company will also leverage referral marketing by offering incentives to existing clients who refer new customers. Additionally, the company will partner with universities and career centers to promote its services to students and recent graduates.

Financial Projections:

The company’s revenue will come from the sale of its services. The pricing strategy will be based on a tiered pricing model, with different packages that vary in price and service offerings. The company will also offer add-on services, such as rush delivery and unlimited revisions, for an additional fee. The company’s financial projections indicate that the business will break even in the first year and generate a profit in the second year. The company’s revenue projections are as follows:

Year 1: $100,000

Year 2: $250,000

Year 3: $500,000

Year 4: $750,000

Year 5: $1,000,000

Management Structure:

The business will be led by a team of experienced professionals with expertise in resume writing, marketing, and business management. The team will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business, managing the company’s finances, and executing the marketing strategy. The business will also hire a team of skilled writers to provide resume writing services to clients.


The resume writing business presents a significant opportunity in Africa, and the company’s innovative approach and skilled team position it for success. The business’s virtual model and use of technology will enable it to provide fast, efficient, and high-quality services to clients across Africa. With a focus on creating brand awareness, building credibility, and generating leads, the business will be well-positioned to capture market share and generate sustainable revenue growth.

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