Children’s party entertainer


The purpose of this business plan is to establish a children’s party entertainment company in Africa, which will provide innovative and engaging entertainment services for children’s parties. The business will specialize in providing a wide range of entertainment options, including magic shows, clown performances, face painting, balloon twisting, puppet shows, and more. Our goal is to create unforgettable experiences for children and their families, while also ensuring that we operate a profitable business.

Market Analysis:

There is a high demand for children’s party entertainment services in Africa, as parents are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to celebrate their children’s birthdays and special events. The children’s entertainment industry in Africa is largely unexplored, providing a unique opportunity for our business to establish itself as a market leader. We will leverage social media platforms, event planners, and other marketing channels to reach our target audience.

Service Offering:

Our business will offer a range of entertainment services, including:

  1. Magic shows: We will hire professional magicians who will perform mind-blowing tricks to keep children entertained.
  2. Clown performances: Our clown performances will feature a range of fun activities and games that children will love.
  3. Face painting: Our skilled face painters will create unique designs that will delight children and add a touch of magic to any party.
  4. Balloon twisting: Our balloon artists will create fun and unique balloon sculptures that will impress children of all ages.
  5. Puppet shows: Our puppet shows will feature a range of characters that will captivate children and create a fun and engaging experience.
  6. Interactive games: We will provide interactive games and activities that will keep children engaged and entertained throughout the party.

Marketing and Sales:

Our business will use a variety of marketing strategies to promote our services and reach our target audience. We will use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to showcase our services and interact with potential clients. We will also attend trade shows and events to showcase our services and build relationships with event planners and other industry professionals.

Revenue Model:

Our revenue will primarily come from party bookings. We will charge a flat fee for our services, which will depend on the type of service requested and the duration of the party. We will also generate revenue through the sale of party supplies such as balloons, face paints, and other related items.

Team Structure:

Our business will initially consist of two full-time employees – a manager and an entertainer. We will hire additional staff on a part-time or freelance basis as needed to meet the demands of our clients.

Financial Plan:

Our start-up costs will primarily be related to the purchase of equipment, marketing expenses, and hiring staff. Our projected revenue for the first year is $50,000, with an expected growth rate of 20% per year. Our profitability is expected to increase as we establish ourselves as a market leader in the children’s entertainment industry in Africa.


Our business will provide innovative and engaging children’s party entertainment services, filling a gap in the African market. We will leverage social media platforms, attend trade shows and events, and build relationships with industry professionals to promote our services and reach our target audience. Our unique service offerings and commitment to customer satisfaction will set us apart from our competitors and ensure our success in the long term.

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