Organic nutritionist


Organic nutrition is an emerging industry in Africa due to the growing health concerns of the population. The demand for organic foods has risen steadily in recent years, and the market is expected to grow at a significant rate over the next few years. In response to this growing demand, our business, Organic Nutritionist, aims to provide organic nutrition services to the African market. Our services will include nutrition consulting, meal planning, and the sale of organic foods.

Market Analysis:

The organic food market in Africa is growing, driven by a number of factors including health concerns, the increasing awareness of the benefits of organic food, and the growing trend towards healthier lifestyles. The market is fragmented, with a number of small-scale producers and retailers operating in different regions. However, there is a lack of a centralized platform that offers organic nutrition services to the entire African market.


Our business will offer a range of organic nutrition services, including nutrition consulting, meal planning, and the sale of organic foods. Our nutrition consulting service will involve personalized consultations with clients to understand their unique nutritional needs and develop customized nutrition plans that cater to their specific requirements. Our meal planning service will provide clients with weekly or monthly meal plans that are tailored to their individual nutritional needs and preferences. Lastly, we will also sell a range of organic foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat, and poultry.

Marketing and Sales:

We will employ a multi-channel marketing strategy, including digital marketing, social media marketing, and direct marketing. We will leverage social media platforms to promote our services and products, create a website that is optimized for search engines, and invest in paid digital marketing campaigns to reach potential customers. Additionally, we will also participate in trade fairs and exhibitions to showcase our products and services.


We will set up our operations in major African cities such as Lagos, Nairobi, and Johannesburg, where the demand for organic nutrition services is high. Our business will have a centralized warehouse from where we will store and distribute our products. We will also have a team of qualified nutritionists who will provide our nutrition consulting services.

Financial Plan:

Our business will require an initial investment of $250,000 to cover the costs of setting up our operations, hiring staff, purchasing inventory, and marketing our services. We anticipate generating revenue of $500,000 in the first year, with a gross profit margin of 40%. We plan to reinvest our profits into expanding our operations to other African countries, including Ghana, Egypt, Rwanda and Morocco.


To differentiate ourselves from other organic food retailers, we plan to introduce innovative services such as a mobile app that allows users to order organic foods, book nutrition consultations, and access customized meal plans. Additionally, we will also introduce a loyalty program that rewards customers with discounts and other benefits for repeat purchases.

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