Tourist Map/Local Business Guide

Introduction :

Our business, “Explore Africa”, aims to create a comprehensive tourist map and local business guide for travelers in Africa. Our platform will provide information on local businesses, attractions, accommodations, and transportation options. Our mission is to make traveling to Africa a seamless and enjoyable experience by providing accurate and reliable information to tourists.

Market Analysis:

Africa is a continent full of natural beauty, vibrant cultures, and historical sites that attract millions of tourists every year. Despite the potential, many travelers face challenges when exploring the continent, such as language barriers and lack of reliable information. Our platform aims to address these challenges by providing a comprehensive guide to local businesses and tourist attractions.

Business Model:

Our business model will be based on generating revenue through advertising and partnerships with local businesses. We will charge a fee to businesses that wish to advertise on our platform and offer premium placement for those who wish to have more visibility. Additionally, we will generate revenue by offering transportation services for tourists and by selling customized travel packages.

Marketing Strategy:

We will market our platform through various channels, including social media, travel blogs, and partnering with tour companies. We will also offer incentives for users who leave reviews on our platform to encourage user-generated content and increase our online presence. We will collaborate with local businesses to offer exclusive deals and discounts to travelers who use our platform, further incentivizing them to use our services.


Our team will consist of experienced travel experts, web developers, and customer service representatives who will be available 24/7 to assist travelers with their travel needs. We will gather data on local businesses and tourist attractions to ensure that our information is up-to-date and accurate. We will also offer customized travel packages and transportation services to ensure that our customers have a seamless travel experience.

Financial Plan:

We estimate that our initial startup costs will be $500,000, which will be used to cover web development, marketing, and staff salaries. We project that we will generate revenue of $1,000,000 in our first year and $3,000,000 in our third year of operation. Our profit margins are estimated to be around 20%.


Our platform, “Explore Africa,” aims to make traveling to Africa a seamless and enjoyable experience for tourists. We will provide a comprehensive guide to local businesses and tourist attractions, offer transportation services, and create customized travel packages. By partnering with local businesses and offering exclusive deals and discounts, we hope to establish ourselves as the go-to platform for travelers in Africa.

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