Video Game Parlor

Introduction :

Our Video Game Parlor, “GameFusion”, is a state-of-the-art entertainment center that aims to provide a unique gaming experience to customers in Africa. Our business will be located in a prime location, and we plan to offer the latest video games and consoles along with top-quality snacks and beverages. GameFusion will cater to all ages and genders, and our mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for our customers to enjoy.

Market Analysis:

Africa is an untapped market for video game parlors, and we plan to capitalize on this opportunity by offering the latest gaming technology and software. The market size is growing exponentially, with a CAGR of 11.2% from 2020-2025. The increasing popularity of e-sports and online gaming in Africa is also driving the demand for physical gaming parlors.


Our Video Game Parlor will offer the latest gaming technology, including consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and high-performance gaming PCs. We will also provide a wide selection of games, including single-player and multiplayer options. We plan to offer a variety of packages to cater to different customer needs and budgets, including hourly and daily rates.

Additionally, GameFusion will offer a café that serves a variety of snacks and drinks, including pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, soft drinks, and coffee. We will focus on providing a healthy and nutritious menu to ensure the well-being of our customers.

Marketing Strategy:

Our marketing strategy will focus on creating a strong social media presence to engage with our target audience. We will utilize Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote our business and offer promotional discounts to customers who follow us on social media.

We will also collaborate with local schools and universities to organize gaming competitions and events, and offer student discounts to attract this demographic.

Furthermore, we will offer birthday party packages for children and teenagers, which will include gaming time, food, and decorations.


Our Video Game Parlor will be located in a prime location with ample parking and easy accessibility. We will hire a team of skilled technicians and customer service representatives to ensure that our customers have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

We will also implement strict health and safety protocols to maintain a clean and safe environment, including regular cleaning and disinfecting of all equipment and surfaces.

Financial Plan:

Our initial investment will be approximately $200,000, which will cover the cost of rent, equipment, staff salaries, and marketing expenses. We project a revenue of $500,000 in the first year, with a net profit margin of 20%. Our break-even point is estimated to be within the first six months of operations.


GameFusion aims to fill the gap in the market for video game parlors in Africa, offering a unique and enjoyable gaming experience to customers of all ages and genders. With a focus on providing top-quality technology, healthy food options, and excellent customer service, we believe that GameFusion will quickly become the go-to destination for gamers in the region.

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