Business Plan for Running Cake Decorating Classes in Africa


We are a startup company that aims to provide innovative cake decorating classes to individuals and groups in Africa. Our mission is to create a fun and interactive learning experience that teaches people how to decorate cakes like professionals. We will offer hands-on training in various techniques, including fondant, piping, and sculpting, using high-quality ingredients and tools.

Market Analysis:

The cake decorating industry in Africa is growing rapidly, with an increasing demand for unique and creative cake designs. Our target market will consist of individuals who are interested in learning how to decorate cakes, including home bakers, professional bakers, and people who want to start their own cake decorating business. We will also target businesses that want to train their staff in cake decorating, such as bakeries, restaurants, and hotels.

Marketing Strategy:

To reach our target market, we will use a combination of online and offline marketing techniques. We will create a website and social media accounts to promote our classes and showcase our students’ work. We will also partner with local bakeries and businesses to offer special promotions and discounts to their customers. We will attend trade shows, exhibitions, and other events to showcase our classes and offer free demonstrations.


We will offer classes on a regular basis, with different levels of difficulty to cater to beginners and advanced students. Our classes will be held in a dedicated classroom equipped with high-quality baking tools and ingredients. We will offer both group and private classes, with a maximum of 10 students per class to ensure personalized attention.

Financial Projections:

Our revenue streams will come from class fees, the sale of cake decorating supplies and tools, and the rental of our classroom for private events. We estimate that our startup costs will be $50,000, which will cover equipment, supplies, marketing expenses, and staff salaries. We project that our monthly revenue will be $20,000, with a net profit of $10,000 per month by the end of the first year.


To differentiate ourselves from other cake decorating classes, we will offer a unique experience by incorporating African culture and flavors into our designs. We will use local ingredients and design techniques to create cakes that represent the diversity and beauty of Africa. We will also offer classes on how to make traditional African desserts, such as Malva Pudding, Koeksisters, and Mbatata Cookies.


Our cake decorating classes will provide an innovative and interactive learning experience for individuals and businesses in Africa. With our focus on using local ingredients and techniques, we will offer a unique twist on traditional cake decorating classes. We believe that our classes will be in high demand and will generate significant revenue for our startup.

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