Safari Shot is a video production company based in Africa, specializing in capturing the unique beauty of African wildlife, landscapes, and cultures. We aim to showcase the best of Africa through high-quality video content, catering to both local and international audiences. Our services include videography, video editing, and post-production, providing clients with professional and visually stunning videos.

Market Analysis:

Africa is a continent of immense natural beauty, diverse cultures, and thriving wildlife. It is a popular destination for tourists seeking adventure, cultural experiences, and wildlife safaris. The continent’s natural beauty and cultural heritage make it a prime location for video production. The growing demand for video content for social media, corporate promotions, and tourism marketing offers great potential for videographers in Africa.

Our target market includes tourists, travel agencies, hospitality businesses, and corporate clients looking to showcase their African operations. We will also offer our services to NGOs and non-profits working in Africa to help them promote their causes and reach a wider audience.


Safari Shot offers a range of video production services, including:

  • Wildlife videography: We specialize in capturing wildlife footage in their natural habitats. Our team of experienced videographers is knowledgeable about the best time and locations to capture stunning footage.
  • Travel videography: We offer travel videography services to showcase the beauty of African destinations and cultures.
  • Corporate videography: We create corporate videos for businesses operating in Africa. Our videos help them showcase their operations, facilities, and products or services to their target audience.
  • Non-profit videography: We provide video production services to NGOs and non-profits working in Africa to promote their causes and fundraising initiatives.

Marketing and Sales:

Our marketing strategy will involve building relationships with travel agencies, hotels, and other hospitality businesses. We will offer them our services and collaborate with them to create promotional videos to attract more customers to their businesses. We will also market our services on social media platforms and our website, targeting tourists, corporations, and non-profits operating in Africa.

Revenue Streams:

We will generate revenue by providing our services to clients, charging a fee for our videography, video editing, and post-production services. We will also sell licenses to use our footage to clients who wish to use it for commercial purposes. We will offer packages for different services and provide discounts for clients who

sign up for multiple services.

Financial Projections:

Our initial investment will go towards purchasing high-quality video equipment, hiring experienced videographers, and setting up a website. We estimate that our initial investment will be $50,000.

We project that we will generate $200,000 in revenue in our first year of operation, with a net profit of $80,000. Our revenue will grow by 15% in the second year, and our net profit will increase to $100,000.


Safari Shot offers a unique and high-quality video production service in Africa, showcasing the continent’s natural beauty and diverse cultures. Our focus on wildlife videography and travel videography makes us stand out in the market. We are confident that our services will be in demand, and we will establish ourselves as a leading video production company in Africa.

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